Tilbury House in the final of Lisbon Open

Agnes and Leonard represented Tilbury House at the Lisbon Open in Portugal, which took place at the first weekend of October. After 5 preliminary rounds, the Tilburies ranked 3rd on the tab and therefore made the break. The semi-final went well for the Tilburies, as they made it to the grand final. The motion of the final was: „This house believes that the EU should pursue policies aimed at limiting refugee flows, such as EU-Turkey deal, with other Mediterranean border states.“ In a close debate, the Tilburies were narrowly defeated by a team from London. Agnes ranked 7th and Leonard 2nd on the speaker tab.

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Tilbury House broke at Athens Open

Summer tournament –  Tilbury is heading south to look for the sunny tournament.

Tilbury House sent two teams, Leonard & Agnes Putri and Yevgeniy Melekhov and Laura Midey. The tournament took place on August 6th-8th with beach social on Saturday. CA team was Harish Natarajan and Monica Forman.

After 5 rounds of intense debate, Leonard & Agnes broke 6th on the tab and made it to Semi-finals! The motion for the semis was „This House Would Not Prosecute Those That Incite Violence Agianst Extreme Far-Right Groups“. Tilbury House was on CO, facing against Belgrade (OG), Munich (OO) and Haifa Israel (CG).

All in all, it was a really organized tournament with nice socials and food! We definitely recommend to participate next year!


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Sofia Open 2016

We’re back on tournament mode again! This time, we took the extra mile and sent a team further than usual (;

Leonard M. and Agnes Putri were at Sofia Open in Bulgaria. As Euros is approaching, the competition is becoming tougher. Debaters from UK to Israel participated in this event. All in all, despite the unfavourable weather, the tournament was well-organized, had an really cool social venue and had awesome motions. About the debating itself, they were quite close to the break but missed it after being in the toughest bubble room ever! Leonard was even among the Top 10 Speaker as he’s ranked 8th and Agnes was 12th in the speaker tab.

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Tilbury House at Maastricht Open 2016

Good news! Maastricht Open was happening from April 22nd-24th. Tilbury House sent a huge delegation to the tournament -just like we did last year (:-. In total we sent 3 teams (Whitney Nokashare & Ruben Dillmann, Artem Korchemsky & Helena Hecke, Zoe Sandle & Linda Nolden) and 3 adjudicators (Bodo Bützler, Seraphim Kirjuchin, Agnes Putri).

All in all, we did an amazing job! First of all, Whitney and Ruben broke 8th with 9 points to the Semi-finals.  Note that this is Whitney’s first tournament and she was even the 3rd best Novice speaker. Ruben was doing awesome too as he’s ranked 12th in the speaker tab. The motion for the Semis is „THBT the UN should hire private military corporations to carry out its peacekeeping operations.“ Although Artem and Helena really did a good job too as they slightly missed the break and are ranked 10th in the team tab. Linda and our novice debater, Zoe, weren’t doing so bad either as they’re ranked 12th in the tab.
Agnes also broke as a judge and adjudicated the (other) Semi and the Grand final. The motion for the Grand Final is „THW require all 18-year-olds in western liberal democracies to go on a Rumspringa.“

Congratulations to all of them! It was indeed an awesome weekend for us!


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Tilbury House at ESL Manchester IV Final


Agnes Putri and Leonard M. broke to the ESL Final at Manchester IV 2016! 

After five rounds competing mostly with native speaker teams, they made it to the ESL Grand final! The motion of the final was „THW create and fund schools that exclusively admit children from ethnic minorities.“They were CO in the final along with Lund (OG), Helsinki (OO) and BUDA (CG). In a close decision between opp bench, the win finally was given to OO. It was still a great success and an awesome experience!

As a reference, two years ago Tilbury House (Lukas Thiel and Moritz Justen) won the ESL final at the Manchester IV.


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Tilbury House Annual Winter Final 2016

On Friday, January 22nd, we had our traditional Annual Winter Final! We’re very happy to announce that it was a great success as the Neuer Senatssaal was filling up pretty quickly.

We also had our wonderful honorary judging pool which consisted of Mr. Derek Kelly (US Vice-Consul General in Düsseldorf) and Ms. Ursula Roth (Director of German-British Association). They were also accompanied by our successful Tilbury alumni: Felix Lamouroux (EUDC Koc Quarter Finalist, Oxford IV ESL Winner) and Kai Menzel (WUDC Thailand Vice Champion!).

If you missed it, the motion for our grand final read: „THBT neither journalists nor police should publish the ethnicity, nationality, religious affiliation or residence status of an alleged criminal.“
Tilbury debaters who made it to our final are: Ibo and Freddy (Opening Government), Julian and Whitney (Oppening Opposition), Ruben and Linda (Closing Government), Bozhidar and Agnes (Closing Opposition).
It was a heated round of debate where we had closing-half debate. Eventually, the debate was won by Closing Government team with Ruben as the Best Speaker. Whitney was also awarded as the Best Newcomer. Congratulations to every single one of them!
The audience was also entertained by a hilarious round of fun debate by Sofia & Artem and Lukas & Moritz. The motion read „THBT this debate is a huge waste of time„. Not only that, the gavel speech was also held by Dirk followed by an inspiring pre-tapped video by Mr. Paul Drew-Bear (Tilbury Founder!).
All in all. It was a great success and we’re very excited to organize our next final next year!
You can find the pictures from the event on our facebook page.
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Tilbury House at Vienna EUDC 2015

This year’s European Universities Debating Championship (EUDC/Euros) took place 2-8 August and were hosted by Debattierklub Wien in the lovely Austrian capital. Euros are the second-biggest debating tournament (next to Worlds) with over 600 participants and Tilbury House sent an enormous delegation accordingly. With six teams and three judges our society was able to even slightly increase the numbers from last year. During nine rounds our members debated motions such as „This House believes that the European Union should lift its arms embargo on China“ or „This House believes that it is legitimate for individuals to punish people they deem to have committed online harassment by revealing their identity online“. Although none of our teams could break, Tilbury A (Ruben Dillmann & Linda Nolden) scored 14 points and Ruben was Tilbury’s best speaker at the tournament, being 60th out of 228 ESL-speakers with 674 speaker points. Tilbury B (Artem Korchemsky & Leo Mittag) did very well! They were among the top third of ESL-teams at Vienna EUDC. They had 14 points and therefore missed the break only by 1 point! Congratulations also to Tilbury C (Helena Hecke & Joachim Wend). Last but not least a big „Thank you“ to our three judges Sevilay Özcay, Bozhidar Kamburov, and Caroline Baum.
All Tilburies had a lot of fun at the various socials, met an amazing cast of new people from around the world and also learnt a lot.

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