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Christmas Break

Last Tuesday we had our last session for 2014! We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We will meet again on Tuesday, 13th of January.

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Lund IV 2014

Tilbury House sent a team to the Lund IV. We are proud to announce that Linda Nolden & Ruben Dillmann made it to the Semi-Finals! After breaking to the Quarter-Finals they made a great job job by advancing to the

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// Room changement. Workshop is taking place in room XIa // The Tilbury House Debating Society invites all newcomers to a workshop on the art of debating. We will teach you the basic rules of debating, how to make your

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Tilbury House IV 2014 – 2nd European Debates Conference

Tilbury House is proud to announce that we will be hosting the 2nd European Debates Conference and our annual Tilbury House IV 2014 from November 7th to November 9th. 5 preliminary rounds with break to semi-finals 7 minute speeches Accomodation:

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EUDC Zagreb

Tilbury House sent three teams to the European Universities Debating Championship in Zagreb (18.8-23.8). Moritz and Leonard (Tilbury A) reached the ESL quarterfinals as 10th on the tab. They competed against Tel Aviv, Leiden (Worlds Finalist 2013) and Belgrade (Worlds

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Be it World Cup, summer in the city or semester break: Tilbury House doesn’t stop debating – ever. We continue having our debating session every tuesday, 7.30 pm, in S01 in the Neues Seminargebäude. Remember: you can always join us,

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European Debates

On the 25th of May you have the chance to decide on the future of the EU. This time it’s different. Only one week after, Europe’s coming to you. We are very proud to present you another round of the

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Tilbury Novice

Get the full debating experience for a fraction of the price of a whole intervarsity. The Tilbury Novice on 31st of May is dedicated to newcomers to get them hooked on debating. For just 15€ you will get four rounds

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Newcomer Workshop

What is a POI? How do you construct your line to prevent it from being ripped apart by your opponents (and what have squirrels got to do with this)? How is role fulfillment judged and who brought a whip to

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Semester kick-off

Honourable Tilburies and all would-be debaters, starting 8th of April we will be back! Back in the Neues Seminargebäude that is, in room S01 (ground floor, left side). Regardless whether you are a newcomer, an old, battled-tried debater or just

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