18th Annual Final

The Tilbury House Debating Society is proud to announce that the 18th Annual Final will be held on January 16th 2015 at 7 pm in the Tagungsraum in the Seminargebäude.
Awards wil be given to the best team of the final, the best speaker of the tournament as well as the best newcommer of the tournament.
The debate will be judged by an higly esteemed honorary jury consisting of:

•Prof. Achim Wambach (Director of the Institute for Economic Policy, University of Cologne)
•Prof. Kreß (Director of the Institute for international Peace and Security Law & Chair for German and international Criminal Law)
•Angela Spizig (Former Vice Major of the City of Cologne, 2000-2014)
•Sofia Wrede (President of Tilbury House)
•Leonard Münstermann (EUDC Quarterfinalist & WUDC Semifinalist)

The final is open to the public and we highly encourage you to bring as many friends, family members or acquaintances as possible to show them what debating is. After the heated debate we will have some free drinks and a lovely buffet. It will certainly be an entertaining evening.
More information you can find in the Facebook-Event.

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