Joining Tilbury House

Why debating is the best thing happening to you at university and why you should start NOW!

If you just started your studies, you might postpone joining Tilbury House, because you think there will be plenty of time still and you have soo much to do right now. Wrong. It won’t get better the more you progress at university, debating will actually help you at your studies and finally, what else are you doing on Tuesdays at 7.30pm. See? No Rebuttal possible – we win – you join!

You might already have heard that it is not special anymore to be fluent in English. In fact, it is so common, that a lot of companies just expect you to communicate in Rooney’s language. If you can’t, another one will and he’ll land the job. However, learning a language is essentially based on using it and that’s what we do each week. We debate in English about a broad variety of topics. For a lot of people their perceived bad English skills are a reason not to join, but that is completely wrong. Only by joining Tilbury House you will eventually improve your skills. A one-semester course on “Business English“ with a lot of powerpoint slides and some exercises won’t help you.

And what about the university improvement? Debating is essentially what you do in your daily student life. Thinking about an argument and about ways to either prove or disprove it is the same as reading a new paper and having to give your opinion on it or writing an essay and having to justify the outcomes. Through debating your way of thinking will get clearer and your grades better.

If you read till here, you’re obviously already hooked. So we can now reveal the true reasons for joining a debating society: booze and party. Tilbury House gives you the opportunity to mingle with students from a variety of backgrounds. After destroying each other with words we enjoy destroying each other with drinks afterwards. Furthermore we send teams to debating tournaments in Germany and abroad, giving you the chance to meet students from literally around the world and to engage in some serious partying.

For all of the given reasons, we beg you to join Tilbury House. See you next Tuesday, Room S01 (Ground Floor), Seminargebäude, 7.30 pm.

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