Tilbury House Annual Winter Final 2016

On Friday, January 22nd, we had our traditional Annual Winter Final! We’re very happy to announce that it was a great success as the Neuer Senatssaal was filling up pretty quickly.

We also had our wonderful honorary judging pool which consisted of Mr. Derek Kelly (US Vice-Consul General in Düsseldorf) and Ms. Ursula Roth (Director of German-British Association). They were also accompanied by our successful Tilbury alumni: Felix Lamouroux (EUDC Koc Quarter Finalist, Oxford IV ESL Winner) and Kai Menzel (WUDC Thailand Vice Champion!).

If you missed it, the motion for our grand final read: „THBT neither journalists nor police should publish the ethnicity, nationality, religious affiliation or residence status of an alleged criminal.“
Tilbury debaters who made it to our final are: Ibo and Freddy (Opening Government), Julian and Whitney (Oppening Opposition), Ruben and Linda (Closing Government), Bozhidar and Agnes (Closing Opposition).
It was a heated round of debate where we had closing-half debate. Eventually, the debate was won by Closing Government team with Ruben as the Best Speaker. Whitney was also awarded as the Best Newcomer. Congratulations to every single one of them!
The audience was also entertained by a hilarious round of fun debate by Sofia & Artem and Lukas & Moritz. The motion read „THBT this debate is a huge waste of time„. Not only that, the gavel speech was also held by Dirk followed by an inspiring pre-tapped video by Mr. Paul Drew-Bear (Tilbury Founder!).
All in all. It was a great success and we’re very excited to organize our next final next year!
You can find the pictures from the event on our facebook page.
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