Tilbury House at Maastricht Open 2016

Good news! Maastricht Open was happening from April 22nd-24th. Tilbury House sent a huge delegation to the tournament -just like we did last year (:-. In total we sent 3 teams (Whitney Nokashare & Ruben Dillmann, Artem Korchemsky & Helena Hecke, Zoe Sandle & Linda Nolden) and 3 adjudicators (Bodo Bützler, Seraphim Kirjuchin, Agnes Putri).

All in all, we did an amazing job! First of all, Whitney and Ruben broke 8th with 9 points to the Semi-finals.  Note that this is Whitney’s first tournament and she was even the 3rd best Novice speaker. Ruben was doing awesome too as he’s ranked 12th in the speaker tab. The motion for the Semis is „THBT the UN should hire private military corporations to carry out its peacekeeping operations.“ Although Artem and Helena really did a good job too as they slightly missed the break and are ranked 10th in the team tab. Linda and our novice debater, Zoe, weren’t doing so bad either as they’re ranked 12th in the tab.
Agnes also broke as a judge and adjudicated the (other) Semi and the Grand final. The motion for the Grand Final is „THW require all 18-year-olds in western liberal democracies to go on a Rumspringa.“

Congratulations to all of them! It was indeed an awesome weekend for us!


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