Tilbury House broke at Athens Open

Summer tournament –  Tilbury is heading south to look for the sunny tournament.

Tilbury House sent two teams, Leonard & Agnes Putri and Yevgeniy Melekhov and Laura Midey. The tournament took place on August 6th-8th with beach social on Saturday. CA team was Harish Natarajan and Monica Forman.

After 5 rounds of intense debate, Leonard & Agnes broke 6th on the tab and made it to Semi-finals! The motion for the semis was „This House Would Not Prosecute Those That Incite Violence Agianst Extreme Far-Right Groups“. Tilbury House was on CO, facing against Belgrade (OG), Munich (OO) and Haifa Israel (CG).

All in all, it was a really organized tournament with nice socials and food! We definitely recommend to participate next year!


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