Tilbury House Intervarsity 2016 After glow

Tilbury House IV 2016

We had a great weekend! Tilbury House Intervarsity is an annual international tournament organized by us with 5 rounds of 7-minutes British Parliamentary Style Debates. The best 8 teams will proceed to the semi-finals and eventually to the Grand Final. The tournament took place from November 25th-27th.The Grand Final was at Fritz Thyssen Stiftung building (former Amerikahaus) at November 27th. We thank Fritz Thyssen Stiftung to let us having the Grand Final in their beautiful venue!

We hosted around 90 participants from 14 different countries (Germany, France, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Scotland, Switzerland, Macedonia, Austria, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Czech Republic and Slovakia) – making it the most diverse Tilbury House IV so far.

We are very proud to have the following Chief Adjudicators to set up the motions this year:

  • Johan Båge (Sweden)

2016 Worlds Open Octofinalist, Top 10 Worlds ESL Speaker, First ESL Breaking team for Open Category at WUDC, 2015 Worlds and Euros ESL Finalist

  • Melda Eren (Turkey/Germany)

Euros ESL Quarterfinalist, Top 10 Euros ESL Speaker, Top 5 team Euros 2016

  • Duncan Crowe (Scotland)

Worlds Open Finalist, Euros Open Finalist!, Upcoming Euros Chief Adjudicator

The motions from the tournament:

R1: THW allow plaintiffs to sell to third parties their right to sue

R2: THR the prominence given to celebrity endorsements of politicians and political parties.

R3: THW apply an environmental tax to cheap mass-produced clothing

R4 TH, as a female visitor to WestWorld, would choose to wear a black hat.

R5: THBT developing nations with ethnically diverse populations should prohibit vernacular schools.

Semi Finals: THBT NATO should create a ‘safe zone’ in rebel-held territory within Syria.

The teams in the final are Münster (Marc-Andre Schulz and Marcel Jühling) in Opening Government, TU Delft (Wissam Chalabi and Ina Vollmer) in Opening Opposition, Munich/Friedrichshafen (Calyxx Peucker and Philipp Müller) in Closing Government and Maastricht (Alex and Lucy Lester) in Closing Opposition. The motion for the Grand final reads “This House regrets the decision of Clinton supporters in the immediate aftermath of the 2016 US election to frame the Trump victory as the result of misogyny and racism and not opposition to the political establishment and/or neoliberalism”.

After a heated debate, it was concluded that Munich/Friedrichshafen won the Tilbury House IV 2016! The best speaker of the tournament was Wissam Chalabi from TU Delft.

Special thanks for Dirk Harlacher, Fritz Thyssen Stiftung, Dr. Baier Stiftung, Kölln, Pentel and Redbull


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