Tilbury House won Maastricht Novice

Tilbury House (mixed team with Lund) won the Maastricht Novice 2016. Diogo (Lund) and Helena Hecke under the team name „The Dynamic Duo“ broke 2nd with 9 points to the Final! They were in Closing Government debating on the motion “THW press the button” (Infoslide: There is a button. If pressed, nuclear weapons no longer function. This would be immediately detected by owners of said weapons. If you do not press the button immediately, it will disappear.)

They competed against Debate Duo (Maastricht) in Opening Government, RDaweSome Maastricht) in Opening Opposition and Team Gualg in Closing Opposition in the final.

In addition to win the tournament, Helena was also proclaimed best speaker of the competition. Congratulations!

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