Tilbury House at Lund IV

Tilbury House sent two teams (Artem Korchemsky & Frederic Tillmanns and Catherine Guo and Miranda Chen) and one judge (Agnes Putri) to the Lund Intervarsity in Sweden and they all did a decent job in the tournament!

Artem and Frederic finished up the rounds with 8 points, which made them only 1 point away from the break! Agnes broke as a judge and was the panelist of both Quarter Finals and the Novice Final. The motion for the Quarter final is „THW allow medical practitioners not to perform specific treatments or procedures for religious reasons“ and for the novice final is „This house believes that the states should enforce contracts signed before marriage that agree to punish infidelity.“

Overall, we indeed had lots of fun and too much meatballs 🙂

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