Tilbury House at Dutch WUDC

Tilbury squad is back from Dutch WUDC (Worlds Universities Debating Championship). 400 Teams from all over the world went to Den Haag to compete in the world’s toughest debating tournament!

This time we sent two teams consisting of Leonard Münstermann and Agnes Putri (Tilbury A) and Artem Korchemsky and Zoe Sandle (Tilbury B) as well as Seraphim Kirjuhin and Helena Hecke as adjudicators. After the last bubble room (again), Tilbury A ended up with 12 points which makes them 1 point away from the break and Tilbury B with 11 points with many native teams behind them. In the end, Sydney is crowned as this year’s champion in open category, Tel Aviv B for ESL and Belgrade C for EFL category. Seraphim and Helena had also an incredible experience by witnessing many of world class debates!

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