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This is what happened, and that’s why we win – Worshop on Whip-speeches

„This is what happened, adn that’s why we win.“ A summary of what the summary speaker essentially has to say. Whip speeches are the figurative cherry on top of every debate, a good chance to wake up the judge, praising

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Tilbury House at Maastricht Novice 2019

It seems a bit of nostalgia fell upon Tilbury House this autumn. Nostalgia, and great ambition. In one week we visited Oxford again, in the next it’s Maastricht. Every year Tilbury has been attending the Maastricht debating tournament, sometimes we

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Tilbury House at Oxford IV

Will they, won’t they? For once the joke isn’t directed towards the British, and potential Brexit plans but towards Tilbury House. Will they return to Oxford once more? The anyser is… yes, they did! Tilbury House finally found their way

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Quick note: Workshop fall out

Due out workshop coach having fallen sick, there won’t be a workshop this Thursday, 21st November 2019.

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Tilbury Workshop: First things first

Yesterday evening we were joyous to have so many people joining our newcomer workshop. We hope yesterday’s debate gave you an insight in how debating works. But perhaps some questions are still left. At least we have to unpack a

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Tilbury Workshop: What do we talk about again? – Part 2

For this evening, the 17th October 2019, our workshop host Helena Hecke steps up the topic the last week: Understanding motions. As you learnt about understanding the specfic nature of different motions last week, you’re now equipped learning, and invited

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Tilbury Workshop: What are we talking about again?

This House believes, the other House regrets, and another House is actually Kim-Jong Un’s minister of foreign affairs. As we already talked about in our workshops, wordigs of motions can be pretty essential to the understanding the motion. But actually

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New faces for a new semester… or, Tilbury House invites you to our Newcomer’s Day

The new semester, or for some their first university experience, started, and with a fresh start we would like to welcome every debating-curious person to join us! Debating can offer you many opportunities: Improving your argumentative skills, practicing your style

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Tilbury House at EUDC 2019

Two teams of our society were brave in two ways this summer: First, attending the European Debating Championship 2019 in Athens, and travelling during the hottest period of this year. The teams of Helena Hecke and Ruben Dillmann, and Ida

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Tilbury House Cologne Open 2019

What an unusual date for our annual tournament. Usually our tournaments take place during colder months but this year, we choose 7th to 9th June for a warm welcome for our debaters. The format was still „Business as usual“: 5

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