New faces for a new semester… or, Tilbury House invites you to our Newcomer’s Day

The new semester, or for some their first university experience, started, and with a fresh start we would like to welcome every debating-curious person to join us!

Debating can offer you many opportunities: Improving your argumentative skills, practicing your style of speech, becoming confident in speaking English, or collecting international experience. In any case, debating can be versatile.

If you are curious what debating actually is, or if you have some questions for us, or you actually would like to actually try out debating, we warmly welcome you to our offcial Newcomer’s Day!
The Newcomer’s Day is for all who are curious about debating. This evening we will give you a handy guide to debating in general, gladly answer to questions you might have but also tell you a bit more about ourselves, and what our Debating Society can offer you.

Interested? Then we invite you to our Newcomer’s Day 22nd Ocotber 2019, at 19.30 o’clock in Hörsaal XVIIb in the Hauptgebäude of the University of Cologne.

In case you already woud like to get some information, feel free to contact us either on this website or on Facebook.

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