Tilbury House at Maastricht Novice 2019

It seems a bit of nostalgia fell upon Tilbury House this autumn. Nostalgia, and great ambition.
In one week we visited Oxford again, in the next it’s Maastricht.
Every year Tilbury has been attending the Maastricht debating tournament, sometimes we like it so much, our novices visit Maastricht in the colder month of November. Three years ago Tilbury won at Maastricht Novice with flying colours,a good reason to keep Maastricht in good memories.

But we won’t keep on dwelling in the past either. Our novices Gregor Gsell and Priska Seeling defended Tilbury’s good name at Maastricht Novice, 16th November 2019.
Not only did they win first places in the inrounds, they also broke into the Novice final. Seemingly mastering the debates with ease, they convinced the judges with the quality of their speeches to become 1st and 2nd best speaker of the tourament!

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