About Tilbury House

„I may have but the body of a weak and feeble woman, 
but I have the heart and stomach of a king, 
and an English king, too, and I think it foul scorn 
that Parma, or Spain, or any prince of Europe should 
dare to invade the borders of my realm.“

These words were spoken by Queen Elizabeth I in 1588 to her troops gathered at Tilbury at the Thames estuary, where they were expecting an invasion by the Spanish Armada.

These words serve as the motto for Tilbury House.

Tilbury House is the oldest and most prestigious English language debating society in Germany. It was founded in 1997 by Paul Drew-Bear as part of the American Management Seminars. Today Tilbury House is student-run.

We cater to highly committed students with high intellectual curiosity and with a strong challenge bias. We are open to students from any faculty.

Tilbury House trains many soft and hard skills and will help you to advance your personality: You learn to think quickly and find the most relevant arguments; you learn to structure your thoughts in a convincing way; and – most importantly – you learn to cope with the unexpected and think flexible, independent of your personal opinions.

In the recent year Tilbury expanded their offer from Tuesday sessions challenging your debate and speaking skills to additional Workshop-Thursdays. The workshops are held by our experienced debater Helena Hecke. Each Thursday she will teach you about various topics in debating: Strategy, basics, specific topics in debating, and theory – and answer your individual questions.

It is great fun to debate at Tilbury House!

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