Tilbury House at Delft Open 2019

For the third year since Delft Open began to take place, Tilbury House attented again with a big delegation – especially with many novice teams. The debates this year were creative as they were challenging. Therefore we are proud to

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Become Persuasive in one Day – Saving the world

Tilbury House is back with the series „Become Persuasive in One Day“. As always we want to bring argumentation and speech making to people of the University of Cologne. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have with argumentation and

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Tilbury Workshop: Literally everything matters

…or, to say, every word matters. By now out workshop tackled a lot of common problems and struggles even experienced debaters have to face, and this workshop’s topic is not different. „Stick to the motion“ will tackle a problem hindering

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Tilbury at Maastricht Open 2019

With the beginning of spring, Tilbury House can enter the new season with good news. Tilbury House attends Maastricht Open every year, always enjoying ourelves at the engaging debates. This year, from the 4th to 5th May 2019, we can

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Thursday Workshop: Lie to me

Are you an honest person? Are facts your best friend for logical argumentation? We are going to change you! Despite debates handling many polticial and contemporary topics, debates sometimes surprisingly derrive from the truth. In other words: By times, facts

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Newcomer’s Day, 16th April 2019

„Um… dear audience… today, the 16th, um… so I want to talk to… well, it’s important… um.“ Are you a bit nervous when you need to hold a presentation? Does that particular word escape your mind when you speak English?

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Workshop on the simple essentials: Points of Information

During the time our regular workshop has been held, we covered all possible sorts of topics; from strategy to understanding international relationships. As for so often, the devil’s in the details – knowing how to debate complicated matters can make

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Tilbury House at Budapest Open 2019

March is a month in which one tournament follows another, so Tilbury House didn’t want to miss the opportunity to participarte at Budapest Open. With two teams and one judge, we traveled to Hungary to participate at one of Europe’s

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Tilbury at Munich Research Open 2019

Tilbury at Munich Research Open 2019 As little exception from the rule, Tilbury didn’t debate aboard at the weekend of 8th to 10th March 2019, but in the beautiful city of Munich in Germany. Five teams were ambitious to compete.

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No Thursday-Workshop

On Thursday, 14th March 2019, our Workshop coach is holding a workshop outside of Cologne. Therefore no workshop will take place at this date.

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