Everyone’s welcome to Tilbury’s Annual Winter Final

Dear debaters, and all of those interested in debating, every year Tilbury House organizes an internal tournament for our members. Each year, the final round is open to visitors. The evening will be more formal, inviting you to enjoy snacks

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New Year, new debates

Dear debaters and all of you who’d be interested to debate, Tilbury House will be back 7th January 2020, as usual at 19.30 o’clock, at Hörsaal XVIIb in the Hauptgebäude of the university of Cologne. We hope you could enjoy

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Tilbury House at Vienna EUDC 2015

This year’s European Universities Debating Championship (EUDC/Euros) took place 2-8 August and were hosted by Debattierklub Wien in the lovely Austrian capital. Euros are the second-biggest debating tournament (next to Worlds) with over 600 participants and Tilbury House sent an

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Newcomer Workshop 2015

It’s time for learning again. We give you the opportunity to get a broad introduction to debating, that will help you improving on a fast scale. At our workshop you will learn, among other things, how to fulfill the roles

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Joining Tilbury House

Why debating is the best thing happening to you at university and why you should start NOW! If you just started your studies, you might postpone joining Tilbury House, because you think there will be plenty of time still and

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Semester Kick-off

The semester started again, spring finally arose from its winterly sleep and that means it’s time for our Semester Kick-off on April 21. We will debate as usual, but require each and everyone to join us for drinks afterwards. This

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Room change

Coming Tuesday will be the last session in the exile. On the 24.03. we will meet in S11 (Seminargebäude), 7.30 pm. The week after we will finally return to our usual room.

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Leiden Open

We congratulate Anja Jacob and Joe Wend for reaching the Novice Final of the Leiden Open. It was an excellent performance especially since it was their first tournament ever.

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Session Cancellation

The coming Tuesday session on the 17.02. will be cancelled. Since Tilbury House is based in Cologne and Carnival is taking place during that time, we will skip one session in order to give all Tilburies the chance to honor

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Annual Final – Results

And the awards go to…. „Je debats, donc je suis“ (Artem Korchemsky & Holger Böhne). Our esteemed jury saw them as the winners of the Grand Final (Motion: TH is not Charlie). Furthermore they awarded Artem the Best Speaker prize.

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