IV 2015

Tilbury House IV 2015 took place from November 6th-8th. There were 5 preliminary rounds plus the semi-finals and the grand final. Speeches are 7 minutes long.


Michael Shapira (WUDC Chennai DCA, EUDC Vienna CA)
Rebecca Irvine (WUDC Chennai and Malaysia Breaking judge and EUDC Zagreb and Vienna open final judge)

Finalists: Sciences Po (Joe Mayes and Anaika Miller), RWTH Aachen (Ruben Brandhofer and Marc-Andre Schulz), Berlin (Christof Kebschull and Frederick Aly), Maastricht (Srdjan Miletic and Pietro Pomella).

Best Speaker: Joe Mayes

Winner: Maastricht (Srdjan Miletic and Pietro Pomella)

Supported by: Annemarie und Helmut Börner-Stiftung

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