Tilbury House at Budapest Open 2017

Michael Breiman & Adi Bhattacharjee and Artem Korchemsky & Frederic Tillmanns debated while Agnes Putri judged at the Budapest Open, Hungary! Budapest Open is bigger this year than ever as 100 teams from 33 countries participated in this tournament.

Tilbury House did a quite decent job. Adi & Michael finished up with 9 points, which made them only one point away from the break to Quarter-Finals. Artem & Freddy ended up with 6 points, which still leaves many teams behind them.

After chairing a couple of rounds, Agnes broke and got to judge the Open Semi-finals! The motion for the semi-finals read: THW allow individuals to sue religious organizations for compensation for the harmful effect of choices made as a result of adherence to religious doctrine. In the end, the team from Tel Aviv/Radboud won the tournament.


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ROOM CHANGE March 7th & 14th

For our sessions on the March 7th and 14th, we will be having them at S58, Philosophikum from 7.30pm. We will be back at S13 from the March 21st onwards!

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Tilbury House in the ESL Final of LSE Open

Tilbury House had a successful weekend! Leonard and Agnes Putri debated at LSE Open in London alongside with other 80 teams. After five heated rounds, they broke with 8 points to the ESL Semi-finals.The motion for the Semi-finals is „THBT the continued development of artificial intelligence will do more harm than good„.

After semis, they made it through to the ESL Grand Final! They were in the final as CO alongside with Leiden (OG), Helsinki (OO) and Tartu (CG) debating against the motion “THW give the power to make decisions over criminal justice from legislators to an independent body of experts.” In the end, unfortunately they’re defeated by Leiden team from Opening Government.

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Tilbury House at Dutch WUDC

Tilbury squad is back from Dutch WUDC (Worlds Universities Debating Championship). 400 Teams from all over the world went to Den Haag to compete in the world’s toughest debating tournament!

This time we sent two teams consisting of Leonard Münstermann and Agnes Putri (Tilbury A) and Artem Korchemsky and Zoe Sandle (Tilbury B) as well as Seraphim Kirjuhin and Helena Hecke as adjudicators. After the last bubble room (again), Tilbury A ended up with 12 points which makes them 1 point away from the break and Tilbury B with 11 points with many native teams behind them. In the end, Sydney is crowned as this year’s champion in open category, Tel Aviv B for ESL and Belgrade C for EFL category. Seraphim and Helena had also an incredible experience by witnessing many of world class debates!

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Tilbury House in the final of Centrale Open, Paris!

Agnes Putri & Leonard Münstermann and Tjark Wüster (mixed team with Carlota Gonzalez/Spain) were at Centrale Open, which took place from December 9th-11th in Paris.

Good news! After five heated rounds, both teams broke with 10 points to the semi-finals. The motion of the semi-finals was „THW use the Inquisitorial system in the Criminal Justice System (as opposed to the Adversarial one)“.

The good news doesn’t stop there… Agnes and Leonard actually made it to the Grand Final! They were in OG alongside with KCL/Oxford in OO, Tel Aviv/Cambridge in CG and Cardiff in CO debating for the motion „THBT the Democratic Party should take on a much more centre-leftist position and support a mass redistribution of wealth agenda„. In the end, the debate was won by the team from the Opening Opposition. Leonard was also amongst the Top 10 Best Speaker. Congratulations!


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Tilbury House at Lund IV

Tilbury House sent two teams (Artem Korchemsky & Frederic Tillmanns and Catherine Guo and Miranda Chen) and one judge (Agnes Putri) to the Lund Intervarsity in Sweden and they all did a decent job in the tournament!

Artem and Frederic finished up the rounds with 8 points, which made them only 1 point away from the break! Agnes broke as a judge and was the panelist of both Quarter Finals and the Novice Final. The motion for the Quarter final is „THW allow medical practitioners not to perform specific treatments or procedures for religious reasons“ and for the novice final is „This house believes that the states should enforce contracts signed before marriage that agree to punish infidelity.“

Overall, we indeed had lots of fun and too much meatballs 🙂

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Tilbury House won Maastricht Novice

Tilbury House (mixed team with Lund) won the Maastricht Novice 2016. Diogo (Lund) and Helena Hecke under the team name „The Dynamic Duo“ broke 2nd with 9 points to the Final! They were in Closing Government debating on the motion “THW press the button” (Infoslide: There is a button. If pressed, nuclear weapons no longer function. This would be immediately detected by owners of said weapons. If you do not press the button immediately, it will disappear.)

They competed against Debate Duo (Maastricht) in Opening Government, RDaweSome Maastricht) in Opening Opposition and Team Gualg in Closing Opposition in the final.

In addition to win the tournament, Helena was also proclaimed best speaker of the competition. Congratulations!

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