Tilbury House at Budapest Open 2019

March is a month in which one tournament follows another, so Tilbury House didn’t want to miss the opportunity to participarte at Budapest Open.
With two teams and one judge, we traveled to Hungary to participate at one of Europe’s biggest tournaments.
We enjoyed the diverse range of motions, anyhow we’re also proud to announce that our Novice team, consisting of Lin Jung and Peter Solbach, achieved a remarkably good score for their first tournament participation.

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Tilbury at Munich Research Open 2019

Tilbury at Munich Research Open 2019

As little exception from the rule, Tilbury didn’t debate aboard at the weekend of 8th to 10th March 2019, but in the beautiful city of Munich in Germany.
Five teams were ambitious to compete. Amongst them one Novice team, Yann von der Brelie and Juliette Rouselle, two Pro-Am teams, Joelle Hellfrish and Jasmin Yan, Philipp Kowalski and Leonie da Col, and two experienced teams, Michael Breiman and Ida Holschbach, and Helena Hecke and Ruben Dillmann.

The big delegation met a proportionally numerous amount of debaters at Munich. Unfortunately none of our teams broke but noticed statisfying results in our score of speaking points.

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No Thursday-Workshop

On Thursday, 14th March 2019, our Workshop coach is holding a workshop outside of Cologne. Therefore no workshop will take place at this date.

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Debating Workshop – Principle Arguments

Coming Thursday, 7th March 2019, we continue with our workshop. The workshop will focus of an essential part of argumentation: Principal arguments.
Principal arguments are frequent in debates, the basis for entire cases. As easily as they can be made, they can be made equally vague and less impactful than the speaker expected.
Beginning at 7.30 pm in Hörsaal XVII b in the Hauptgebäude of the University of Coogne, our Workshop Coach will teach you how to make strong principal arguments, and how to deliver them with a plausible argumentation to your audience.

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Tilbury at Leiden Open 2019

Tilbury sent two teams, Michael Breiman and Novice Phillip Kowaski, Ida Holschback and Jasmin Yan, to Leiden Open 2019, 1st to 3rd March 2019.

Quiet unfortunate our teams didn’t suceed in breaking in this hard, and crowded competition, although we also have to mark a sucess:
Phillip became 4th best Novice speaker out of 44 Novice speakers at the tournament.

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Karneval break

It’s the most festive time of the year again! At least in Cologne.
Due to the mix of celebration, trains falling out, and holidays, we decided to take a little break from debating.
There won’t be any Debating Workshop 28th February!

However there will be a Tuesday session 5th March 2019 though! This time we will be at Hörsaal XVIIb in the Hauptgebäude of the University of Cologne.

We wish you a pleasant Karneval time!

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Tuesday Session, 23rd February 2019, Room change

For 23rd February 2019, the Tuesday Debating session will take place 7.30 pm, as usuall.
Our room will not the be usual, though.
The debate will take place in Hörsaal BI, In the University Library Building.

Walk towards the direction of the main entrance of the University Library of the University of Cologne. But you walk past the left side of the building, along a white building. You’ll spot an entrance at your right side. Enter this entrance, and walk up the stairs up to the 4th floor of the building. Walk through the corridor to the third room at your right. This room will be Hörsaal BI.

If you’ve any troubles finding us, please contact us on Facebook.

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